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F. Advances in terrestrial vertebrate palaeontology: understanding large-scale processes in the Eurasian Neogene

Jerome Prieto, LMU München & Bayerische Staatssammlung für Paläontologie und Geologie

During the last few decades intensive sampling of fossil vertebrates from Eurasian continental deposits has resulted in a substantial increase in material available for the Neogene. This effort has lead to a better comprehension in which context terrestrial faunas evolved, but has also raised new problems. This is especially true for the long-distance correlation of the deposits, which is of primordial importance for the understanding of large-scale processes. The symposium will focus on the use and relevance of new techniques, methods, approaches and results in the fields of relative and absolute dating, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and proxies, as well as taxonomy and faunal evolution. Although focused on the Neogene, related contributions dealing with terrestrial vertebrates in general are also welcome.

The title of the key note is 'Long-term biogeographic and diversity patterns in the Miocene Iberian mammal record' and will be presented by I. Casanovas-Vilar et al.