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H. Potenzial Molekulare Paläobiologie

symp_gG. Wörheide & G. Rößner

Over the past years the methodological revolutions of molecular biology have made another record of evolution, besides the traditionally recognized rock record, much more accessible to answer geoscientifically relevant evolutionary and ecological questions: the genetic ‘fossil record’ contained in the genomes of extant organisms. Meanwhile, Molecular Palaeobiology is an emerging research discipline within the geobiological sciences and the application of its concepts and methods is on the track to become more widespread. It faces evolutionary questions with potentially a tremendous increase of data capable to unite genotypic and phenotypic information and to bridge the often gappy or missing geological record. Therewith, it regularly provides synergic results revealing previously unseeable aspects in patterns, processes, and rates of evolution.

This symposium aims at bringing together scientists that apply molecular biological methods to answer broad questions in palaeo- and geobiology. Symposium language is English.

Keynote speaker: Dr. R. Asher, University of Cambridge, Museum of Zoology.